COVID-19 and Data Privacy

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USAID is committed to using data responsibly. First and foremost, we seek to do no harm. The Agency has developed comprehensive policies and guidance that adapt to keep pace with changing contexts, including ADS 508, ADS 545, and ADS 579. USAID staff must follow these agency policies in every aspect of decision-making, even in crisis situations.‌ 

USAID’s approach to using data responsibly is to balance use, privacy and security, and transparency and accountability. The framework recognizes the huge potential that data has while also recognizing that it comes with risks, especially for vulnerable individuals and groups. 

Data privacy is the right of an individual or group to maintain control over and confidentiality of information about themselves.  Data privacy can be at risk from both unintentional sharing, and from undue or illegal gathering and use of data about that individual or group. Through the Digital Strategy, USAID has committed to increasing investment in programmatic and ecosystem-level data privacy and protection. We must remain committed to this investment

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 3:45pm