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January 2018



UAVs in Global Health: Defining a Collective Path Forward

UAVs in Global Health

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have the potential to make a significant impact in global health. To build upon past and current UAV pilots, a broad community of users, funders, innovators, and implementers have an opportunity to align future efforts and work together to address our most pressing challenges and promising use cases in global health supply chains.

To inform this work going forward, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) developed UAVs in Global Health: Defining a Collective Path Forward. With input from a diverse set of experts, this report lays out a proposed investment roadmap to align stakeholders and accelerate progress toward the cost-effective and sustainable role for UAVs in global health. See a highlight of this report in this Devex piece.

bar chart icon INNOVATION

Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development has launched its eighth call for groundbreaking, sustainable innovations to save the lives of mothers and newborns in the hardest to reach corners of the world. In Round 8, Saving Lives at Birth seeks to catalyze the scale and sustainability of the most promising solutions, which are transitioning to scale, and bring together cutting-edge science and/or low-cost technologies, service delivery, and demand innovation in transformative new ways.

The program has begun taking applications, with submissions due by February 28, 2018, 2:00 pm EST. To apply and learn more, visit

Cover of Strengthening Primary Health Care through Community Health Workers: Closing the $2 Billion Gap


globe icon  PARTNERSHIP

CII is partnering with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management on a global health case competition. This first-of-its-kind competition looks to unleash the power of management and business principles to identify cutting-edge and sustainable solutions to tough global health challenges, helping build and connect future generations of global business leaders from Africa, Southeast Asia, and the United States and Europe to save lives. Learn more and apply.

Kellogg/GSK/USAID Global Health Case Competition

horn icon NOTICE

Highlights of CII’s Work at World Economic Forum, including the DIB and UAVs


The Utkrisht Impact Bond, developed by USAID/CII and USAID/India and partners UBS, MSD for Mothers, PSI, Palladium, HLFPPT, and the Government of Rajasthan, was featured at two events at the World Economic Forum, one hosted by the UBS Optimus Foundation and the other hosted by MSD for Mothers, where USAID’s Administrator Mark Green delivered the keynote. Additionally, Devex released a piece on UAVs discussed at the World Economic Forum, highlighting CII’s newest report UAVs in Global Health.

World Economic Forum

icon of money PARTNERSHIP

Pfizer is joining the Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health), a program co-founded by USAID/CII, and includes partners Gavi, GSK, Merck, and the Office of the United Nations Special Envoy for Health. Support from Pfizer will allow AMP Health to build on its work in Kenya, Malawi, and Sierra Leone, strengthening the leadership and management capacity necessary to develop and implement systems of tens of thousands of CHWs and expand its work to new countries, including Ghana and Zambia.

Logos for AMP and Pfizer


The State Department’s ShareAmerica editorial team published a story on the Utkrisht Impact Bond highlighting the power of results-based financing through public-private partnerships and leveraging the private sector.

Seal of the U.S. State Department

icon of money NOTICE

10 of USAID’s Best with highlights of CII’s work

Proud to be a part of two of 10 of USAID’s Best, including our work on USAID’s first Development Impact Bond for health, and Saving Lives at Birth innovator, Bempu, which was featured in TIME as one of the Top 25 Inventions of 2017.

Medium logo graphic.


calendar EVENTS

January 31 – February 1, 2018
Addressing Challenges in Global Health Security
Geneva Center for Security Policy, Geneva, Switzerland

February 7, 2018
Sustainable Business and Social Impact
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

February 8, 2018
Innovative Financing to Achieve Impact in Global Health

February 20 – 23, 2018
5th Global Forum on TB Vaccines
Stop TB Partnership, New Delhi, India


Global Impact Investing Network (from DM)
The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice

Policy Cures Research
Neglected Diseases Research and Development: Reflecting on a Decade of Global Investment [PDF, 4.0MB]

Harvard Business Review
Too Many Experts Can Hurt Your Innovation Projects

Bill Gates Makes the Business Case for Breakthroughs in Global Health

The Business Commission
Blended Finance Taskforce Releases Consultation Paper: Better Finance, Better World

broadcast bars NEWS

The New York Times
WHO Approves a Safe, Inexpensive Typhoid Vaccine
January 3, 2018

What Will It Take to Eliminate Pneumonia Deaths in Children?
January 22, 2018

Science Magazine
Forty Years Later, Ebola Survivors Are Still Making Antibodies to the Lethal Virus
December 14, 2017

Hindustan Times
Trends on Facebook and Twitter Can Help Predict Disease Outbreaks and Vaccine Scares
December 12, 2017

broadcast bars CII NEWS

UBS Highlighting the Utkrisht Impact Bond
Partnerships for the Goals: Achieving the UN’s SDGs
January 1, 2018

The Utkrisht Impact Bond: Design Grant Case Study
January 25, 2018

Brookings Institute including the Utkrisht Impact Bond
Paying for Social Outcomes: A Review of the Global Impact Bond Market in 2017
January 17, 2018

NBC News featuring Zika Grantee
How Bug-delivering Drones Are Helping Defeat Deadly Diseases
December 5, 2017

Brookings Institute featuring CII’s Priya Sharma
Webinar: Impact Bonds for Health
December 12, 2017

Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) featuring CII’s Amy Lin
Webinar: Driving Impactful End-user Research for More Insightful MPT Development
December 12, 2017

Malaysian Business featuring Zika grantee
BluSense Diagnostics Wins Colossusinno2017 Global Innovation Competition
December 14, 2017

PRI featuring Zika grantee
Tracking Some of the World’s Biggest Killers, Via Cellphone
December 25, 2017

Chicago Tribune featuring SL@B grantee
A Real Reality Show: MacArthur Grant Competitors Vie Onstage for $100 Million Prize
December 11, 2017

U.S. Department of State
New USAID Partnership Leverages Private Investment to Save Women, Children
December 20, 2017

The Guardian
Uber for Blood: How Rwandan Delivery Robots Are Saving Lives
January 2, 2018

IMPT for Reproductive Health featuring CII’s Amy Lin
Discussion on End-user Research for MPT R&D
December 21, 2017

IEEE Spectrum
Zipline Expands Its Medical Delivery Drones across East Africa
January 2, 2018

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CII Open Position
Senior Innovative Financing and Market Advisor



Photo of Sofia Stafford

SOFIA STAFFORD: Program Assistant

"Our innovators are a testament to the fact that good ideas can come from anywhere and with the right partners, tools and support, and resilience, they can create real impact"

Read the full interview [PDF, 138KB].



USAID's Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) takes a business-minded approach to fast-tracking the development, introduction and scale-up of health interventions that address the world's most important health challenges. CII invests seed capital in the most promising ideas and novel approaches, using forward-looking business practices to cut the time it takes to transform discoveries in the lab to impact on the ground.

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Photo credits: USAID, World Economic Forum, Project Ujjwal, a UK Department for International Development project implemented by Palladium