Lab Evaluation, Research, and Learning (ERL) Plan Question 2 Deep Dive - Real-time Data for Adaptive Management

Speeches Shim

Question 2: Deep Dive - Real-time Data for Adaptive Management (RTD4AM)

Real-time data for adaptive management (RTD4AM) is the use of real-time data collection and analysis to help decision makers respond quickly in uncertainty or complex, changing environments and adapt their approach to the situation. Information, often digital information, is delivered immediately after collection with no or very small delays, typically in the order of milliseconds. In the development context, this might be better envisioned as “right-time” data, in which information may not be transmitted instantaneously, but certainly within a timeframe that facilitates use. Download the full report for findings, conclusions and recommendations. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 12:30pm