Private Sector Engagement

  • USAID CATALYZE: Mobilizing Capital for Development

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  • USAID and the Global Shea Alliance connect 16 million women from 21 African countries to food and cosmetic markets

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  • Amani is one of 14,000 young people who USAID has supported through its Youth Entrepreneurship Development Project, which helps Palestinian youth find jobs and create their own businesses.

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  • USAID supports over 5,000 Indonesian small farmers who grow spices such as vanilla, pepper, cloves and nutmeg — and directly connects them with major global businesses.

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  • USAID INVEST mobilizes private investment for development. It is making it easier for USAID and the investment community to work together on tough global challenges.

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Private enterprise is the single most powerful force for lifting lives, strengthening communities, and accelerating self-reliance.


Private Sector Engagement (PSE) is a strategic approach to international development through which USAID consults, strategizes, aligns, collaborates, and implements with the private sector for greater scale, sustainability, and effectiveness of development or humanitarian outcomes.


USAID is undertaking a major cultural and operational transformation to expand Private Sector Engagement Agency-wide. Through its new PSE Policy, USAID has issued an Agency-wide call to action and mandate to work hand-in-hand with the private sector to design and deliver our development and humanitarian programs in all sectors. This policy signals an intentional shift towards enterprise-driven development as a more sustainable way to empower people, communities and countries on their journey to self-reliance.

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The USAID Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Team is leading the Agency's implementation of the PSE policy to expand collaboration with the private sector for more sustainable outcomes. The PSE team is comprised of the Global Development Lab's Center for Transformational Partnerships (CTP) and E3's Office of Private Capital and Microenterprise (PCM).