AAPD 18-04 Revision 2

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Title: AAPD 18-04 (Revision 02) Competition and Publicizing (Class deviation from the AIDAR)

Issued: August 31, 2020

Subject: Acquisition Management

PURPOSE: The purpose of this AAPD is to inform Acquisition and Assistance professionals of a class deviation (M/OAA-DEV-AIDAR-20-04c) that revises the regulatory text related to publicizing and competition in AIDAR 705 and 706. Required Actions:

  • COs must continue to follow the guidance on publicizing and competition in Section 3 below for solicitations and awards issued under the exception in the AIDAR 706.302-70 or in accordance with FAR part 13.

BACKGROUND: Previously this AAPD housed a class deviation from the FAR related to increased thresholds for Simplified Acquisitions, Micro-purchase,and for Certified Cost and Pricing Data. This deviation has been rescinded because each of those changes were formally incorporated into the FAR through rulemaking. 

The publicizing revisions in AIDAR 705.102 and 705.202 were initially published in the original version of this AAPD 18-04 and is now being continued unchanged in this revised AAPD.

The revised AIDAR text in 706.302-70 relating to Impairment of foreign aid programs was previously approved and incorporated into the Mandatory Reference ADS 309mad. This approved AIDAR text is now being moved to this AAPD to maintain all AIDAR publicizing and competition requirements in one location.

GUIDANCE: Publicizing Requirements for Awards Issued Using Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP): Even though acquisitions below the SAT conducted under AIDAR 705.202 or FAR part 13 are exempt from full and open competition requirements in FAR part 6, the requirement for public display and synopsis in FAR 5.101 and 5.203 for all actions above $25,000 (see FAR 13.105) still applies. However, USAID has an exception to the publicizing requirements for procurements by an overseas contracting activity for $250,000 or less. The class deviation from the AIDAR (No. M/OAA-DEV-AIDAR-20-04c), included in Attachment 1, will continue to provide overseas contracting activities with an exception from publicizing actions at or below $250,000, when the award is issued under the authority in AIDAR 706.302-70(b)(2), or in accordance with FAR part 13. This publicizing exception does not apply to awards issued by COs in the U.S.

Date Issued: August 31, 2020

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 11:45am