USAID’s Development Information Solution (DIS)

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The Development Information Solution (DIS) is a web-based, Agency-wide portfolio management system designed to capture one cohesive development story - from strategy to results.  DIS enables USAID staff and implementing partners to perform a broad range of business operations, reporting and planning tasks in one place.  

DIS is designed to meet the need for high quality, readily available data by integrating program funding, awards, contract information and development results into a single platform. USAID’s implementing partners will benefit from the DIS streamlined data collection and reporting methods.  For the Agency and its partners at-large, DIS provides a more efficient way to document and demonstrate the tremendous value of USAID’s work.

An Introduction to DIS and the Partner Portal

The DIS Partner Portal enables implementing partners to submit indicator results and other award data in one place. Once data is submitted through the Partner Portal, the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) / Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) are able to centrally review and approve reported results.

Components of DIS

The five DIS functional areas focus on key Agency business processes: 

  • Performance Management encompasses management of indicators, performance results and evaluations.   

    • Implementing Partners use the DIS Partner Portal to submit narratives and results.
  • Budget Planning and Monitoring enables USAID to manage program funds and perform financial reviews.
    • CORs/ AORs can review the status of activity obligations and expenditures
  • Project Design & Acquisition and Assistance Planning captures the data and narratives needed to perform project design and procurement planning. 
    • Inputs from partners inform the project design phase of the Program Cycle.
  • Portfolio Viewer & Reporting provides an at-a-glance view of activity results to meet standard reporting needs and allows users to create custom reports. 
    • Activity results entered by implementing partners feed dashboards and reports, and partners can run reports on their activities from the Partner Portal. 
  • The Development Data Library (DDL) and the Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) serve as USAID’s central repositories for all development data on USAID-funded projects. 
    • Implementing partners can access DDL and DEC through links within the Partner Portal. 

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DIS benefits implementing partners in the following key ways:

  • Efficient Reporting:  With automated reminders, one-source for data collection, and time-stamped submissions, implementing partners can more easily report results to USAID.

  • Consistent Data Tracking:  With DIS, implementing partners can track baselines, targets, and results, and budget metrics associated with their activities to support internal and stakeholder reporting.

  • Improved Coordination with Missions:  DIS provides the authoritative historical record and on-demand status updates on results submissions to COR/AORs.

Additional Resources 

Videos, user guides and other tools are available to help implementing partners learn more about DIS.  Resources cover topics ranging from account set-up (to access the Partner Portal) to how to generate reports. 

For answers to common questions, please refer to the DIS Implementing Partners FAQs [PDF 160K]. Implementing partners can contact their COR/AOR for any additional questions and to facilitate access to the Partner Portal.