Implementing Partner Notices Portals

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To speed up the ability to implement universal award modifications/amendments and streamline communications to USAID’s partners, the Bureau for Management’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance (M/OAA) created the Implementing Partner Notices (IPN) portals -- one for acquisition awards and one for assistance awards. The IPN Portals are the single point where USAID posts and disseminates proposed universal bilateral modifications/amendments for awards, which can be accessed electronically by registered partners and USAID staff.

The purposes of the Implementing Partner Notice Portals are to:

  • Streamline the process for CO/AOs to modify or amend contracts/assistance awards, and;

  • Provide notices to implementing partners with current awards in a consistent and timely manner.

The IPN Portal provisions (see IPN #1 Bilateral Modification/Amendment) direct partners to register with the IPN Portal. Implementing partners who are registered will receive email notifications when the IPN Portal is updated with proposed award modifications/amendments and/or notices. All partners registering with the IPN portal must have in their award the IPN provision provided in IPN #1 Bilateral Modification. Partners must download and sign all posted universal modification/amendments, and send it back to the Contracting/Agreement (CO/AO) for signature within 15 calendar days.

The IPN Portals apply to all acquisition and assistance awards, except:

  • Task orders issued under IDIQs (provisions flow down from the IDIQ),
  • Acquisitions below the micro-purchase threshold,
  • Purchase card transactions,
  • Purchase orders,
  • PIO awards,
  • Associate Awards (provisions flow down from Leaders With Associates (LWAs)),
  • Interagency agreements, and
  • Orders issued under GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS).

Examples of IPN Portal modifications for contracts would include general administrative changes or incorporation of required FAR/USAID/ADS clause updates affecting all awards (or classes of awards to be specified in the modification/amendment).

IPN Portal modifications/amendments do not change the:

  • Amount of funding obligated under the award,
  • Total estimated cost/total estimated amount,
  • Existing Statement of Work/Program Description, or
  • Period of performance.

Proposed bilateral modifications/amendments issued through the IPN Portal are not effective until both the Contractor/Recipient and the CO/AO have signed the modification/amendment.

Accessing and Registering on the Portals
Please note that only existing awardees that have a current award that has not expired can sign-up to receive notices from the portals. In addition, if your organization has received both a contract (acquisition) and a grant or cooperative agreement (assistance), you must sign-up for both sites.

  Sign-up and access the
Acquisition portal.
  Sign-up and access the
Assistance portal.
  IPN Acquisitions   IPN Assistance  

Additional Information
For additional information on the Portals, please review the IPN reference guide [PDF, 209K].

Contact your administrative Contracting/Agreement Officer if you have any questions.