AAPD 18-03 Revision 1

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Title: AAPD 18-03 Revision 1: Strengthening Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in the Partner Community (revised AIDAR 752.7013, USAID Contractor-Mission Relationship). Effective: June 01, 2018

Subject: Acquisition Management

Purpose: This AAPD Revision 1 extends the applicability of the deviated regulatory text from AIDAR clause 752.7013, Contractor-Mission Relations, without changes, following approval of a class deviation (M/OAA-DEV-AIDAR-20-03c). The deviation is effective from June 1, 2020 until May 31, 2022 unless rescinded, extended, or the AIDAR is formally revised through rule-making, whichever occurs first.

Background: On February 16, 2018, the USAID Administrator reaffirmed zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, abuse and fraud. On March 7, 2018 the Administrator established the Action Alliance for Preventing Sexual Misconduct (AAPSM) to among other things, strengthen protections for beneficiaries and help partners institute a culture of accountability to effectively root out alleged abusers within their organizations. As the first step in this process the AAPSM recommended revisions to existing AIDAR clause at 752.7013 “Contractor-Mission Relationship” and the mandatory standard provisions for Assistance awards entitled “Recipient and Employee Conduct” and “Regulations Governing Employees“.

AAPD 18-03 was issued on June 1, 2018 and expires on May 31, 2020. This revised AAPD extends the content of the original AAPD with no changes in policy. 


Date Issued: June 01, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020 - 9:00am