AAPD 18-01 Revised

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Subject: Acquisition Management

Purpose: The purpose of this AAPD is to inform Acquisition and Assistance staff that the pilot whistleblower protection program will continue, without changes, until the FAR is revised to make the program permanent. The whistleblower protection requirements will continue to apply to commercial and non-commercial items other than Personal Services Contracts, This revised AAPD and the class deviation from the FAR have been approved by the Director, Office of Acquisition and Assistance on March xx and will be effective for two years from the date of the signature April 5, 2022 unless rescinded earlier when the permanent whistleblower protection program is incorporated into the FAR.

Required Action: Solicitations and Resulting Contracts: COs must include the clause at 52.203-17 in all new solicitations and resultant contracts for noncommercial items above the simplified  acquisition threshold. For commercial item awards, COs must include the clauses 52.212-4 and 52.212-5 in Attachment 1 (FAR deviation text), which incorporates clause 52.203-17 by reference.

AAPDs provide information of significance to all agency personnel and partners involved in the Acquisition and Assistance process.  Information includes (but is not limited to): advance notification of changes in acquisition or assistance regulations; reminders; procedures; and general information.  Also, AAPDs may be used to implement new requirements on short-notice, pending formal amendment of acquisition or assistance regulations.

Date Issued: April 03, 2020

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 4:00pm