AAPD 06-10

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AAPD 06-10: PSC Medical Expense Payment Responsibility 

Subject Category:  Personal Services Contracts


The purpose of this AAPD is to implement a provision for accountability for payment of medical expenses into U.S. Personal Services Contracts (USPSCs) awarded under the AIDAR, Appendix D. USAID Contracting Officers (including Executive Officers) must include this provision in all USPSC solicitations and contracts in which the USPSC or his/her authorized dependents may be provided medical services, including hospitalization, on the recommendation of medical personnel of the U.S. Government.

This AAPD does not apply to Resident Hire USPSCs, Third Country National and Cooperating Country National PSCS, or non-personal services contracts with individuals or organizations.

ACTION REQUIRED: All Contracting Officers (COs) must include the provision in Attachment 1 in USPSCs, as directed in the GUIDANCE section below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 1:00pm