USAID Websites with Related Gender Resources

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You can access USAID resources on gender equality and women’s empowerment through the following online platforms:

  • AgriLinks A knowledge sharing platform that captures and disseminates new learning in food security and agricultural development., including a gender-related page.
  • Biodiversity Gateway A knowledge portal to advance USAID’s biodiversity policy, including a gender-related page.
  • ClimateLinks A knowledge portal and community working at the intersection of climate change and international development, including a gender-related page.
  • Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse is the largest online resource for USAID-funded technical and program documentation from more than 50 years of USAID's existence, with more than 155,000 documents available for viewing and electronic download.
  • Ed Links A collection of resources related to Education, including a gender-related page.
  • GlobalWaters A knowledge and ideas portal to solve global water and sanitation challenges, including a gender-related page.
  • Land Links A knowledge sharing platform focused on land tenure and property rights, including a gender-related page.
  • Learning Lab A collaboration platform to engage with USAID staff and partners to collaborate on shared goals, learn from collective experiences, and adapt to change throughout USAID’s program cycle.
  • Market Links (formerly Microlinks) A knowledge sharing platform that captures and disseminates good practices in inclusive market development around the world, including a gender-related page.
  • USAID Advancing Women and Girls with Disabilities - A collection of resources focused on empowering and including women and girls with disabilities, hosted on
  • USAID Economic Analysis and Data Services (EADS) EADS is a central source for U.S. foreign assistance data, international socioeconomic data, and data-driven analysis in support of USAID goals.
  • USAID Energy A collection of resources focused on energy and infrastructure, including a gender-related page.
  • USAID Reports and Data: A collection of resources hosted on focused on results and data.
  • USAID Press Room A collection of speeches, news releases, testimony.
  • UrbanLinks A knowledge sharing platform on sustainable urban development including a gender-related page.
  • Women's Economic Empowerment and Equality (WE3) Dashboard A dashboard that provides a quick assessment of women’s inclusion in the economy, showcasing the extent to which women have attained economic, social, and political empowerment.