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Power Africa at the 2020 Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo in Nairobi
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Power Africa regularly sponsors, leads, and/or attends energy-related conferences, dialogues, and events around the world.

Upcoming Events

Eleventh Session of the IRENA Assembly | January 20, 2021 - 6:00 PM GST

Power Africa Acting Coordinator, Mark Carrato, will join a panel of energy and healthcare leaders and practitioners at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)'s #IRENA11A to discuss health facility electrification in developing countries.

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Using end-user subsidies to achieve universal energy access - Ethiopia Deep Dive | January 20, 2021 - 17:10 SAST

Samson Tolessa (Endev), David Stonehill (Power Africa's Beyond the Grid Lead), Rekik Bekele (Green Scene Energy) & Boleslaw Stawicki (SIDA) will take a deep dive into smart end-user subsidy design for off-grid solar in Ethiopia.


Past Events

Africa Energy Forum: Digital Energy Festival | October 20 - November 26, 2020

Digital Dialogue: "Lights On Health" Powering Healthcare in SSA | Oct 26

Access to reliable electricity is critical for delivering essential healthcare services, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. To address the widespread need for health facility electrification in SSA, Power Africa is working with private companies, other donors, and non-governmental organizations to ensure sustainable delivery of electricity to health clinics. This panel will explore the efforts of the public and private sectors to improve energy access for health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. Panelists will discuss ways in which health facility electrification can be improved to sustainably and reliably deliver power to those who need it most.

Digital Dialogue: GBV and Electricity: What’s Light Got To Do With It? | Nov 3

An estimated 35 percent of women around the world will experience a form of Gender Based Violence (GBV) at some point in their lives. A pandemic affecting upwards of one in three women globally; GBV is an issue that touches every facet of society, including the energy sector. In this session, we will explore the relationship between GBV and the energy sector. We will also hear from energy sector stakeholders who are adopting innovative ways to contribute to the fight against GBV. Join us to learn how you too can combat GBV.

Fireside Chat: Mark Carrato, Power Africa Coordinator | Nov 6

Interview with Power Africa Coordinator, Mark Carrato.

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Clean Energy Webinar with The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business | September 16, 2020

Power Africa Energy Advisor, Maria Rivera, was on the panel "Discover how Canada-Africa partnerships through the public sector and private companies are powering a future in clean energy".

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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference - Energy Braintrust | September 17, 2020

Power Africa Acting Coordinator, Mark Carrato, was part of an expert panel hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) on "Transformation of Electric Power Grid into Smart Grid – The Innovations Closing America’s and Africa’s Electric Power Gap".

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Uganda Solar Home System De-risking Project Webinar | August 3, 2020

Learn key lessons from three pay-as-you-go solar home systems providers in Uganda. Solar home system providers Fenix, Bright Life and SolarNow entered two refugee markets, Rwamwanja and Kiryandongo, in western Uganda one year ago, encountering unique challenges and opportunities. Learn about the business model innovations they pioneered on the path to de-risking refugee markets.

Virtual Launch of the SCCIF | July 28, 2020

With speakers from Power Africa, Mastercard and renewable energy companies, the virtual event presented the Smart Communities Coalition Innovation Fund (SCCIF) and guiding information for the upcoming call for proposals in September 2020.

Mark Carrato at aef2.0
Mark Carrato at aef2.0
Photo Credit: EnergyNet

aef2.0 | July 2, 2020

Nigeria Focus: Energy for Healthcare

COVID-19 has left healthcare systems struggling around the world. With the pandemic spreading through Africa, where health services are most fragile, life saving energy access is crucial. How is Africa dealing with this and what role can energy investors and solution providers play?

Power Africa Acting Coordinator, Mark Carrato, was on the panel of experts for this broadcast that examined case studies which can successfully and quickly be transferred to healthcare energy projects and, heard from Nigeria’s REA who are working on meeting demand.

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IEA's Africa Ministerial Roundtable: Covid-19's Impact on Africa’s Energy Sector | June 30, 2020

Ministers from African countries representing about two-thirds of the continent’s energy consumption met with global energy leaders to consider the policies and investments that can enable Africa’s energy sector to best support responses to the dual challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic recession (iea.org).

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Power Africa Off-Grid Project (PAOP) Microfinance Webinar Series | June 2020

Many people in sub-Saharan Africa lack the financial resources to power their homes. Access to financing in the form of energy loans is changing that. If you work for a microfinance institution or are interested in learning about energy financing, watch these recordings our webinar series entitled “An Introduction to Renewable Energy Financing in sub-Saharan Africa" to learn more about renewable energy financing.

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Private Sector Partner Webinar Series | June 2, 2020

Episode One: Self-Generation and Battery Storage in Southern Africa

Episode one of our new Private Sector Partnerships Webinar Series featured a technical presentation by David Jankofsky, lead regulatory expert in the USAID Southern Africa Energy Program. David discussed what is happening in Southern Africa with small-scale electricity generation (licensing, interconnection, pricing, and subsidies), and with battery storage regulation.

If you missed this episode, listen to it here

Additional questions and answers not covered in the webinar are available here.

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Power Africa at the Africa Investment Forum in 2019
Power Africa at the Africa Investment Forum in 2019