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Knowledge Management for Environment and Natural Resources

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Knowledge Management for Environment & Natural Resources in Lebanon
Litani River Basin officials inspect the Qaraoun Dam in cooperation with Litani River Authority.

USAID provides technical and small-scale infrastructure assistance to the Litani River Authority. The surface and groundwater resources in the river basin provide water for irrigation, domestic use and hydro-power generation for more than 350,000 people in more than 161 communities in the Litani River Basin area, and serve as a fundamental component of the Bekaa Valley's agricultural and economic sectors. Presently, the Litani River Basin, which covers 15 percent of Lebanon, suffers from depletion of the water table due to unsustainable agriculture and water-use practices and alarming levels of pollution. USAID assistance provides local communities, schools and the Litani River Authority with the tools and knowledge to reverse this trend and supports the organizational and management skills necessary for the Litani River Authority to adequately manage water basin resources.  

Our impacts in this sector include:

  • Construction of three wastewater treatment facilities in the Bekaa Valley, treating up to 8,000 cubic meters of domestic wastewater a day. Now, more than 43,000 citizens in eight communities benefit from a cleaner environment along the Litani River Basin.