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Biodiversity in Lebanon
Trees from this native pine nursery, supported by Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, will reforest many acres of Lebanon’s countryside.

To promote environmental conservation and reforestation in Lebanon, USAID and the U.S. Forest Service are working with Lebanese communities, public schools and environmental non-profits to plant more than 300,000 native Lebanese trees by the end of 2014. Altogether, nine native tree nurseries and five reforestation sites in Tannourine and Bcharre in the north; Qlaiaa in the south; and Anjar, Kfar Zabad and Rachaya in the Bekaa benefit from our biodiversity assistance. We work to promote reforestation, ecological employment, modern forestry techniques, advocacy and best practices for wildfire prevention and response. The project also provides training and material support to the Lebanon Armed Forces, local communities and Civil Defense to properly manage and fight wildfires.

Our impacts in this sector include:

  • Planting of approximately 300,000 seedlings representing about 25 native tree species using modern production methods and advanced nursery equipment.