Agriculture for Growth and Rural Opportunities

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USAID Agriculture for Growth and Rural Opportunities is developing a more competitve agricultural sector in Kosovo by improving farm production and food processing, increasing linkages to domestic and export markets, and strenthening strategic partners. This $17M, six-year Activity funded by USAID started in March 2015.

VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT: USAID supports overall value chain development focusing on fruits and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants and dairy subsectors.


Linking Producers to Viable Markets
• $127.97 million in domestic and export sales
• $17 million in sales under supply contracts
• 2,873 supply contracts between producers and buyers
• 2,305 participants to B2B events and trade shows sponsored
• 3,851 hectares of crop under new technologies
• 12,154 persons trained in agricultural productivity

ADOPTION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES: USAID has introduced improved varieties of targeted crops and new production, post harvest handling, storage and processing technologies to increase agricultural productivity and
improve the quality of local products. 888 firms and farms have obtained globally recognized Global G.A.P or HAACP quality certications. In FY19, USAID continues to assist in the recertication of all farmers and to certify at least 250 new  raspberry growers. See map plotting raspberry felds assisted throughout Kosovo.

INCREASED SALES: USAID assists strategic partners including producers’ associations, collection centers and processors to increase domestic and export sales of high value agricultural products. (results as of Q4 FY18) 


Austria      $10,456,731
Belgium         $285,538
France       $1,081,055
Germany  $32,616,555
Holland      $2,913,801
Hungary        $411,658
Italy           $5,680,089
Kuwait            $26,240
Qatar              $68,112
Lithuania      $553,600
Other EU   $6,757,922
Regional    $2,977,131
Serbia        $6,158,090
Sweden        $684,657
Switzerland $2,252,750
USA                  $88,353
Canada          $105,024  

JOB CREATION: Strategic partners’ enhanced production and processing capacity is generating jobs all along targeted value chains and encouraging youth to directly engage in commercial agriculture.

  • 5,175  JOBS CREATED
  • 3,063 MEN 
  • 2,112 WOMEN
  • YOUTH 42 percent 
  • MINORITIES 18 percent 

LIFE OF PROJECT TARGETS: Agricultural Growth and Rural Opportunities is on track to achieve these life of project targets:

  • 5,012 New jobs created
  • $18M in private sector investment
  • 12,000 individuals trained in agricultural productivity
  • 4,000 HA under new technologies
  • $152.5M in domestic and export sales
  • 28 new export markets captured 
  • $2.8M in PPP funds mobilized
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 3:30am