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January 12, 2021

Kavita, 27, got married at the age of 14 because her family could not afford to support her to finish high school.  In 2019, Kavita joined Greenkraft, a producer-owned company supported by USAID India’s “Producer Owned Women Enterprises” (POWER) project. Through this partnership between USAID and the Industree Crafts Foundation under the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, Kavita started out as a production line worker. 

January 12, 2021

Sudha, 30, got married as a teenager before she could finish high school and quickly found herself a young homemaker with one daughter and few job skills.  Her family struggled with making ends meet and kept falling into debt. After Sudha joined Greenkraft as a basket weaver, a producer-owned company supported by the USAID India “Producer Owned Women Enterprises” (POWER) project, she started earning a regular income with a benefits package including health insurance and social security.

December 18, 2020

USAID is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with decisive action in India. Our priorities are to protect the safety and health security of Indians and support India in its response to this highly infectious disease. The U.S. Government, through USAID, has provided $13.1 million to assist India in responding to the outbreak.

The United States Provides Ventilators to Bhutan in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
November 25, 2020

The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is donating 15 new, state-of-the-art ventilators to the Royal Government of Bhutan to assist the country in its fight against COVID-19.

November 3, 2020

Twenty-one-year old Phul Kumari, who is from Jharkhand, a state in the eastern part of India, is known as a “Girls’ Champion” in her home village. And for good reason!  Raised in a poor  family, she was married off immediately after her Class 10 examinations at just 16 years of age.  Her husband was an abusive man and though she stayed in the marriage for three years, the physical and mental torture forced her to make the difficult decision to return to her mother’s house.