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FY 2020

08-30-2020 Fact Sheet #3 (317kb PDF) and map (5 mb PDF)
07-02-2020 Fact Sheet #2 (221kb PDF) and map (817kb PDF)
03-03-2020 Fact Sheet #1 (264kb PDF) and map (711kb PDF)

FY 2012

USAID/DCHA Success Story
Haiti - Helping Communities Rebuild (67kb PDF)

Haiti - Cholera and Earthquake: Combined Fact Sheets
12-12-2011 Fact Sheet #3 (289kb PDF) and map (1mb PDF)
11-14-2011 Fact Sheet #2 (301kb PDF) and map (1.19mb PDF)
10-14-2011 Fact Sheet #1 (294kb PDF) and map (1.13mb PDF)

Humanitarian Assistance in Review
USAID/DCHA Latin America and Caribbean Humanitarian Assistance in Review – FY 2003-2012 (201kb PDF)

FY 2011

Humanitarian Assistance in Review: Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)
Haiti - Cholera and Earthquake: Combined Fact Sheets
Haiti - Cholera Fact Sheets
Haiti - Earthquake Fact Sheets
Sector Updates

FY 2010

Success Stories
LAC – Disaster Risk Reduction Programs
LAC – Humanitarian Assistance in Review
Haiti – Earthquake

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