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Georgia is a small, picturesque country roughly the size of South Carolina in the South Caucasus, situated on the east coast of the Black Sea, bordering Turkey to the south and Russia to the north. Georgia declared independence in 1991 at the disintegration of the Soviet Union and is still rebuilding. Since the 2003 Rose Revolution, the Government of Georgia has carried out numerous economic and governance reforms, enabling a rise in the living standards of its citizens.

In 26 years of operation in Georgia, USAID assistance has directly supported U.S. policy objectives to help transform Georgia into a growing democracy that is increasingly integrated into western political, security and economic institutions.   USAID programs are a key part of the U.S. strategy to advance U.S. national security and economic prosperity through focused, results-oriented assistance that enables Georgia’s path to resilience and self-reliance.  

More than 30 USAID programs stimulate inclusive economic growth, develop democratic governance, enhance energy security, and foster the increased inclusion of minority and disadvantaged people in Georgia, including those living across ethnic and geographic boundaries.