GDA APS: Partner & Applicant Resources

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GDA APS: Partner & Applicant Resources

The Global Development Alliance (GDA) Annual Program Statement (APS) is an invitation for prospective private sector partners to collaborate with USAID to help advance solutions that foster business success and achieve sustained development impact in emerging markets. The GDA APS provides a process for USAID, the private sector, and other potential partners to jointly create and develop Global Development Alliances.

Below are guidance and background documents and templates to support prospective private sector partners in preparing to submit a GDA concept.

Understanding USAID Priorities

Prospective private sector partners should have a broad understanding of Agency priorities and objectives prior to consulting with the USAID Mission, Bureau, or Independent Office with which the partner seeks to build a GDA. Agency and Mission development priorities, as well as PSE points of contact information for USAID Missions, can be found on the following websites:

Concept Submission Templates

Under a GDA APS, any organization can submit a concept to work with USAID and the private sector to address development challenges. The concept submission must use one of the templates below. (Please refer to Section V.B of the GDA APS for specific instructions and requirements.)

Memorandum of Understanding

GDAs typically require a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between USAID and the core private sector partner(s).  Prior to participating in an MOU, USAID also needs to conduct due diligence on prospective partners. The following guidance documents are primarily for USAID personnel but are broadly available to help partners understand the MOU and due diligence requirements.

Applicant Checklist and FAQs

Questions regarding the GDA APS or the GDA approach can be sent to With regard to the GDA APS, USAID has also compiled an applicant checklist and a list of frequently asked questions. See below.