Climate Impacts of Traditional Stoves and Fuels

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Clean and Efficient Cooking Technologies and Fuels Toolkit

Deforestation and emissions caused by the harvesting and burning of solid fuels for cooking is a significant contributor to global climate change.

Burning solid fuels for cooking emits some of the most significant contributors to global climate change, but the climate impacts of cooking, and of shifts to clean cooking, still require further research and exploration.

Best Practices

  1. If your project has climate impact goals, make sure the technology you’re promoting has been tested for total emissions, or partner with a reputable testing lab to test the technologies, including in the field, prior to dissemination, to ensure emissions reductions.
  2. Investigate carbon finance opportunities, but ensure that carbon revenues are not essential to the project’s overall sustainability. Carbon prices can fluctuate dramatically, and carbon markets require significant upfront resources and time to navigate, which must be considered and planned for during project design.
Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 5:00pm