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Country Development Cooperation Strategy

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Colombia’s development situation in 2020 is dramatically different than
what it was in 2015. The signing of the Peace Accord and the social and
political instability in Venezuela have altered Colombia’s development
landscape. These major changes have ushered in new opportunities and new
challenges. USAID/Colombia’s 2020-2025 Country Development Cooperation
Strategy (CDCS) faces this new situation directly. The Peace Accord
presents a tremendous opportunity for peace, stability, and prosperity in
Colombia. The CDCS’ first Development Objective (DO) consolidates peace
gains by creating a more cohesive and inclusive society, thereby mitigating
the conditions that contribute to violence. At the same time, the Peace
Accord will potentially bring millions of citizens and formerly unreachable
areas within the authority of the Colombian state. As such, the Colombian
government must expand its presence to these areas and provide mechanisms
to give these citizens voice and be responsive to their needs. The CDCS’
second DO does this by engaging citizens and making government systems more
accessible and responsive to citizen needs. A Colombia with a consolidated
peace and expanded state presence presents new opportunities for prosperity
and equitable growth. The CDCS’ third DO, therefore, expands licit
economies and creates new opportunities for Colombians to contribute to the
national economy, allowing all Colombians to prosper. Meanwhile, the 1.3
million Venezuelans that have entered Colombia since 2015 are placing
strains on receptor community systems and societies. These strains are
enhanced by the return of Colombians who were displaced by the armed
conflict. Therefore, the CDCS’ Special Objective will adapt to this new
reality by increasing local capacity to absorb these new arrivals and plan
for their possible long-term stay. Adapting to this emerging challenge and
others reduces the risk they will undermine Colombia’s development gains
and Journey to Self-Reliance.