USAID/Zambia Partners in Development Handbook - January 2020

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USAID believes that the purpose of foreign aid is to end the need for its existence. With a staff of over 100 professionals managing investments of over $300 million annually, USAID is committed to working with Zambia on its specific development journey.  This handbook provides a brief overview of the current and recently culminated activities associated with the USAID mission in Zambia.

USAID assistance is based on Zambia’s individual  self-reliance needs and focuses on the following key objectives: (1) improving the health of Zambians, with a particular focus on women, at-risk youth, and vulnerable children; (2) reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other infectious diseases; (3) increasing agriculture-led economic growth to reduce rural poverty and food insecurity; (4) mitigating the effects of climate vulnerability and promoting sustainable management of natural resources; (5) raising the quality of basic education to increase literacy; (6) increasing access to electricity; and (7) enhancing democratic governance. 

USAID is taking a whole of Agency approach to ensure that the programs we implement are best supporting a country's journey to self-reliance. The theory of change is that as a country's commitment and capacity strengthen, our partnership should evolve.  Ultimately, we hope to support our current host country partners to be fellow donors. 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 7:45am