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Danang Remediation Areas

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Danang Airport is divided into two parts: the first area is the civilian airport terminal managed by the local airport authorities, and the second area is a closed-off restricted-access military base under the authority of Ministry of National Defense.

Following extensive analysis of soil and lake sediment samples at and around the entire Danang Airport by the Vietnamese government, U.S. government, and independent analysts, six areas on the grounds of the airport within the restricted military base have been identified with elevated dioxin levels requiring treatment. No area of the airport accessible to passengers (e.g., terminal, parking lot, etc.) is contaminated. Moreover, from the past testing by the Government of Vietnam,  U.S. government, and independent analysts, no area outside of the entire Airport perimeter has elevated dioxin levels requiring treatment.

Using the Government of Vietnam dioxin cleanup goals for soil and sediment, the U.S. government remediation effort will clean an estimated volume of approximately 73,000 cubic meters of contaminated material to 150 ppt, in six areas of the Danang Airport. Soil and lake sediment will be excavated for treatment in the six areas.

Dioxin remediation areas in Danang Airport
Remediation Areas at Danang Airport