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October 30, 2020

After spending seven years in the insurance business, Olexandra Gladyshevskaya decided to create her own startup. Olexandra and the team she brought together knew the many challenges their customers faced when trying to obtain compensation for injuries to their pets (cats and dogs). They  decided to focus their energy on creating a start-up to help these customers. 

October 29, 2020

A media literacy series produced by Ukrainian online media outlet Toronto TV reached 6.6 million views on Instagram. The participative nature of the project allowed the grantee to test its audience’s knowledge before and after viewing.

October 29, 2020

Oleksandr Bondarenko was injured at a checkpoint entering into a part of Donetsk controlled by Russia-backed forces. It took him two years to prove that his injury was associated with the ongoing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine before he obtained the appropriate government support payments.

His bewildering journey began in May 2014, when the Donbas conflict started. Oleksandr was astonished that former classmates and friends had taken up arms against Ukraine as separatists.

October 29, 2020

Dmytro Myshenin‘s entrepreneurial path started in 2011 with the selling of construction and building materials. In 2015, he diversified his business and moved into furniture manufacturing. A dedicated entrepreneur, Dmytro financed much of the company’s expansion and improvements himself. He also took advantage of grants from international and government organizations, which his company used to buy new equipment and tools and create a substantial number of new jobs.

October 29, 2020

Svitlana, 35, a Kramatorsk resident, discovered that she was HIV-positive in 2007. She opted out of treatment and subsequently avoided doctors, accepting the infectious disease as her fate.

She continued to work at three different jobs to make ends meet and concentrated on caring for her elderly parents. In March 2020, her health began to deteriorate. By the end of April, she had lost 20 kilograms and become so weak that she could not get out of bed.