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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance
USAID uses community outreach events, such as theatrical performances, to increase awareness among rural communities, youth, and migrant laborers and their families about human rights violations and the warning signs of human trafficking.
Dignity and Rights Project

Over a million of Tajikistan’s citizens live and work outside of their home country for most of the year. Due to insufficient knowledge of host countries’ languages, legislation, and their own rights, migrant workers from Tajikistan are often vulnerable to human trafficking, including sexual exploitation, both domestically and abroad.

USAID addresses issues of trafficking-in-persons and labor migration through social, educational, and financial support to former migrant workers, particularly those who have been banned from re-entry to the Russian Federation. USAID programs help them reintegrate to their home societies and generate income.

We also partner with local groups to foster accountable and inclusive local governance that is responsive to the needs of the country’s citizens. We support local government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and independent media to help Tajikistan tackle its socioeconomic challenges and stabilize communities.


  • USAID supported a civil society law that helped more than 60 percent of Tajikistan’s 3,000 nongovernmental organizations maintain their registration status.
  • Approximately 35,000 people received consultations via our migration hotline; 185 victims of trafficking, vulnerable migrant laborers, and other victims of human rights abuses received assistance from the Emergency Fund; and 40 migrant laborers received training and assistance to launch small businesses.
  • USAID registered 155 local neighborhood associations to advocate for citizens within local decision-making processes.