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Trilateral Assistance Program (TAP)

Through the Trilateral Assistance Program (TAP), USAID supports South Africa as a leader in regional and continental contexts in a manner that is consistent with broader USG foreign policy objectives.  The goal of USG programming in Peace and Security through USAID’s TAP is to strengthen GoSA capacity to assist with African economic and social development and to respond to natural and security crises on the continent through training, exchange programs and trilateral assistance funding.  To do this, USAID supports various small-scale development projects on the continent, managed by the South African National Treasury (NT), International Development Cooperation and implemented by GoSA departments and agencies. Through these programs, the GoSA provides technical assistance to other countries in Africa to promote peace, democracy and development.


  1. South Africa will have improved capacity to run development programs in collaboration with other African countries.
  2. The US. Government-South African government trilateral program framework will be able to serve as a model for other bilateral and multilateral donors. 
  3. The program will help to sustain the U.S. government’s assistance legacy long after funding ceases.