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Agriculture and Food Security

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USAID working with South Africa and SADC to improve food security
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South Africa’s agricultural expertise makes it a key partner for achieving goals to reduce hunger, poverty and malnutrition in the region. Through Feed the Future, USAID is leveraging the technical expertise and investment of South Africa’s public and private sectors to increase agricultural trade and the capacity of regional institutions.

Agriculture Markets and Trade

South Africa’s private sector will play a critical role in improving food security and nutrition, so USAID is leveraging South African investors as catalysts and innovators to increase trade and investment through a strategic grant fund. This partnership enhances market opportunities between agribusinesses and smallholder farmers throughout the region. These grants provided through the Agricultural Business Chamber target staple crops such as cereals and legumes, agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertilizers and service areas including finance, logistics and storage.

Capacity Development

To advance the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program, USAID partnered with the University of Pretoria Food Security Unit to train over 250 senior leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs and research organizations in 10 African countries. USAID’s assistance has helped them develop national strategies and plans for food security as well as strategically allocate resources for investment in the agriculture sector. We are also building the capacity and leadership of South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries so that they can share their technical expertise in improving agriculture, nutrition and livestock practices with Southern African countries.