Transition Initiatives for Stabilization + (TIS +)

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The TIS+ activity aims to increase Somalia’s stability through participatory processes that promote good governance and community cohesion.  Given the fragile nature of the political and security gains made over the last years in Somalia, TIS+ maintains a continued focus on quick impact stabilization activities at the district and community levels, with a focus on targeted areas in the federal states.  At the same time, TIS+ supports Somalia’s goal of moving from crisis response and stabilization to medium and longer-term development by facilitating joint planning between community, government and private sector actors on shared goals.

TIS+ prioritizes engagement with government and communities within the Puntland, Jubaland, and the South West States of Somalia, Banadir Regional Authority, and the Sool and Sanaag regions.  The TIS+ activities focus on increasing stability in the country by improving the government’s capacity for service delivery and demonstrating good governance processes, thereby improving citizen confidence in government and reducing the appeal of violent extremism.

In coordination with government counterparts and community members, TIS+ staff and facilitators work collectively to select and prioritize stability projects.  The construction of roads, government buildings, parks, or installation of solar lights are some examples of projects that community members choose.  The projects are then implemented, monitored and evaluated together with the government and other stakeholders.  TIS+ emphasizes the process of transparent and accountable project delivery that instills confidence and legitimacy in the government.

For TIS+, integrating gender and addressing equality across the program in a holistic manner is essential to the program.  The TIS+ team supports the empowerment of women and girls, while addressing gender equality concerns in the development, planning, and implementation of all project activities.

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Monday, October 19, 2015 - 9:45pm