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Somali women in civil society advocating for education at the first budget hearing ever held in Somalia.
Somali women in civil society advocating for education at the first budget hearing ever held in Somalia

Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ)

EAJ expands access to justice by supporting effective mechanisms to resolve grievances and feelings of injustice - addressing one of the primary drivers of violent extremism in Somalia. In the process, EAJ strengthens the quality and reach of justice services and the capacity of justice-focused organizations.

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Bringing Unity, Integrity, and Legitimacy to Democracy (BUILD)

BUILD promotes greater political inclusion. It encourages greater civic participation; improves media coverage of political processes; strengthens the capacity of the National Independent Election Commission to administer credible, inclusive elections; and enables political parties to become more competitive, inclusive, and representative.

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Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (DAMAL, “Gathering Place”)

DAMAL strengthens Parliament’s financial oversight capacity and promotes civic engagement. It enhances Parliament’s review of the national budget and key legislation.

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Transition Initiatives for Stabilization + (TIS+)

TIS+ reduces the conditions that allow violent extremist groups to thrive. The program increases the political and social inclusion of marginalized populations; strengthens community reconciliation processes; and expands the government’s presence in areas recently under the control of al-Shabaab. In the process, TIS+ moves communities from crisis response to laying the foundation for longer-term development initiatives. 

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Office of Transition Initiatives, Somalia Stabilization Initiative (SSI/Dalbile, “Nation Rising”)

SSI/Dalbile minimizes the conditions that enable violent extremist groups to destabilize Somalia. It contributes to stabilization efforts by countering the influence and presence of extremist organizations; reducing their ability to take root and recruit; and creating opportunities for government and local communities to reestablish control.