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Economic Growth and Trade

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Banana producers weighing in their profits.
Banana producers weighing in their profits.

In Somalia, assistance to improve markets and trade not only benefits the local economy, but also improves stability in the region. Unemployment or underemployment not only depletes families’ assets, but also sows discontent, making youth - especially young men - more vulnerable to indoctrination of violent extremist organizations.

Creating economic opportunities can help derail these efforts.

  • Improve the business environment through access to finance and support to policy and regulation
  • Promote enterprise development through business development services
  • Increase participation of women and youth in the economy as employers, employees and entrepreneurs
  • Improve production, employment, and incomes in select sectors

The Growth, Enterprise, Employment and Livelihoods (GEEL)

The GEEL program promotes inclusive economic growth throughout Somalia.  Through GEEL, USAID accelerates Somalia’s growing integration into the global economy through a combination of initiatives that improve the country’s competitiveness; spur new investments; and increase market linkages and business partnerships.  This program aims to boost Somali exports of quality agriculture and fish, increase dairy production, reduce reliance on imports, and increase jobs in regions recovering from years of conflict and recurrent natural disasters. 

GEEL is leveraging the growing capacities of the government at the federal, regional, and local levels that build foundations that create an enabling environment for businesses to grow.  Activities are focused on sectors with high potential across all regions in Somalia and Somaliland.

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