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First MDR-TB Patient in Tajikistan is Cured Using Shorter Treatment Regimen

Gulbahor Mirzosharifova has had many firsts in her life, but the most important one happened recently when doctors told her she was the first patient in Tajikistan to be cured of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) using a new shorter treatment regimen recommended by the World Health Organization.

Безопасные роды для женщин

Although Tajikistan has made progress in reducing maternal deaths over the last decade, it still has a high maternal mortality rate with 32 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births. However, attitudes toward home births—often a risky situation for women in labor—are changing.

Религиозные лидеры борются с туберкулезом

Every week, Karimjon Roziqov, an imam in a mosque in Tajikistan’s mountainous Rasht district, looks forward to Friday. Residents in his community call him domullo, or “teacher,” and on Fridays, after the prayer service at his mosque, he sets aside 15 minutes to talk to them about tuberculosis (TB). In predominantly Muslim Tajikistan, mosques are an effective way to reach communities, especially those in remote areas where access to print and broadcast media is limited, with important public health messages.

Modern growing techniques improve harvests

Rajabmo Nazarova is one of many female farmers in the Khatlon province of southern Tajikistan who face difficulties feeding her large family. Although agriculture is the main industry in the region, undernutrition remains very high in Khatlon. In particular, children under 5 years old and women of reproductive age are most vulnerable to undernourishment. One in three children are stunted.

From suffering and despair to success

May 2017—Davlatoy Beknazarova and her family live in a small village in Tajikistan’s Khatlon province, where her sewing skills are setting her on the path to success as a businesswoman. After attending a brief training course on how women can become entrepreneurs, she put her talents to work for her.