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Landscape Study of Producer Associations, and a Constraints Analysis/Bottleneck Study in Northern Paraguay, utilizing knowledge and lessons learned from the IZN initiative and ACDI/VOCA’s expertise in working with cooperatives across the globe

Este informe se basa en el análisis de las fuentes secundarias y primarias recogidas durante el periodo de Diciembre 2010 a Enero de 2011 y busca responder a las interrogantes señaladas en los Términos de Referencia (TDR) y contrato suscrito con USAID, pero sobre todo pretende otorgar recomendaciones que sirvan en la mejora y corrección del programa.
Behavior Change Perspectives on Gender and Value Chain Development
Sections 118 and 119 of the Foreign Assistance Act require that each USAID Country Development Strategy include an analysis of the actions necessary in that country to achieve conservation and sustainable management of biological diversity and tropical forests and of the extent to which the actions proposed for support by USAID meet these needs. This report provides USAID/Paraguay with this analysis.
Final Report
September 2009 - September 2012