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In April 2009, a four-person team conducted a democracy and governance assessment in Paraguay as a preliminary step in the development of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Paraguay’s new Democracy Sector Strategic Plan. The purpose of the assessment was to identify basic issues and challenges in Paraguay’s democratic development and to make strategic recommendations for USAID’s consideration.

“Pounds of Prevention” is a series of short articles that illustrate how disaster risk reduction works and why it is important. Take a behind-the-scenes look at aid work in action, long before the disaster occurs.

Artículo Principal: Paraguay se enfoca en la preparación. 
También: Ayudando a familias afectadas por inundaciones en el Chaco Paraguayo; USAID/OFDA ayuda a Paraguay en inundaciones, incendios y sequías; Ayudando a fortalecer el manejo del fuego; ‘Small grant’ apoya la RRD en la educación.  

Top Story: Paraguay Focuses on Preparedness.
Plus: Helping Flood-Affected Families in Paraguay’s Chaco Region; USAID/OFDA Assists Paraguay with Floods, Fire, and Drought; Helping to Strengthen Fire Management; Small Grant Supports DRR in Education.