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Patricia went from violence victim to empowered businesswoman.

Patricia* arrived at the Women’s Justice Center in Torreon, located in Mexico’s state of Coahuila, in March 2015. She had fled a situation where her partner had become violent toward her and her family. The center helped Patricia with her divorce, and found her legal counsel and a support group. At the same time, she attended vocational education classes in jewelry making and baking.

At-risk youth in Monterrey become role models in their communities, using rap music as an outlet.

Edgar Otero, 26, lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and his young life has been impacted by growing up in a violent home and in neighborhoods with high levels of crime and violence. He laments that he suffered physical and mental abuse from his father, who also abused his mother.

120 youth supported by the USAID Global Development Alliance “Jóvenes con Rumbo” program.

Mexican youth are finding new ways to overcome the violence, crime and unemployment in their communities. As they turn toward training and educational opportunities, they are turning away from the limitations of their circumstances.