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Enhancing Integrity and Transparency

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Héroes Ciudadanos.
Héroes Ciudadanos.

Preventing corruption is one of the most important domestic policy priorities for Mexico and an important part of the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States.  In 2017, the Government of Mexico (GOM) launched the National Anti-Corruption System (NAS), a series of institutions and laws designed to prevent and sanction corruption.  Corruption amplifies the inequality gap, costing the poor even more than wealthy citizens.  Corruption and impunity also degrade Mexicans’ confidence in their own government institutions. 

USAID helps the GOM increase transparency and integrity, and supports Mexican-led efforts to reduce corruption and impunity at the federal level and in several states. USAID works alongside Mexican public, private, and non-governmental stakeholders and international organizations to respond to GOM priorities to develop its institutional and technical capacity to fully implement the NAS, to increase impartiality and professionalism in GOM audit functions, to improve civil society’s and journalists’ ability to monitor corruption issues, and to promote greater transparency in public procurements. USAID programs support the collaborative efforts of Mexican citizens, civil society, independent media, and private sector to advocate for full implementation of the anti-corruption reforms, contribute to public policy formulation, and demand transparent and accountable government.

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