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Credit: USAID/Regenerate
Credit: USAID/Regenerate

Anchored along major international trade routes and productive fisheries, a peaceful and resilient Maldives is critical to maritime security and regional stability. Following national elections in 2018, the Maldives is experiencing a renewed commitment to democracy and rule of law, a critical step toward a prosperous and free Indo-Pacific region. The United States partners with the Maldives to strengthen environmental resilience, implement economic and democratic reforms, and build a robust civil society.

Strengthening long-term resilience, USAID helps protect Maldives’ delicate marine ecosystem and partners to build the island-nation’s capacity to become self-reliant.


An archipelago of 1,200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean and home to just over 341,000 people, Maldives heavily depends on fisheries and tourism — industries that are vulnerable to weather and market volatility. USAID programs focus on protecting the environment, strengthening democratic governance and strengthening public financial management.


Coral reef ecosystems are essential to healthy and productive fisheries — upon which many Maldivians depend for their livelihoods — and serve as natural buffers that help prevent loss of life, property damage and land erosion. Yet, warming sea temperatures combined with rising sea levels and ocean acidification are threatening the fragile coral reefs and jeopardizing incomes, health and long-term economic growth. To mitigate these negative impacts, USAID helps to increase policymakers’ access to technologies that help sustainably manage oceans. USAID also builds local capacity to measure, monitor and adapt to the impact of natural hazards, helping to bring the Maldives’ goal of achieving recognition as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve within reach. This designation promises to boost environmental conservation and management efforts.


Following the 2018 presidential election, Maldives’ new pro-reform government is building a solid foundation from which to expand shared democratic values. In response to the government’s request, USAID provides technical assistance to government ministries in areas like public financial management, and helps advance sound economic and democratic policies. To sustain hard-won democratic gains, USAID also supports civic engagement in the reform process and assists with voter education ahead of future elections.