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Democracy and Governance

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Following the 2018 Presidential elections, Maldives is building a solid foundation from which to expand shared democratic values. At the request of the Government of Maldives, USAID provides technical assistance to government ministries that support sound economic and democratic policies, including public financial management. To sustain hard-won democratic gains, USAID also supports civic engagement in the reform process and assists with voter education ahead of future elections.

Strong and Inclusive Maldivian Democracy (SIMD) 

This activity aims to strengthen the capacity and resilience of democratic institutions in Maldives. The objectives of SIMD are to increase efficiency and effectiveness of local government and the justice sector; and to increase citizen engagement with government on policy reform.  

Promoting Resilience in Maldives (PRIME)

USAID supports Maldives to increase resilience of vulnerable populations and at-risk groups such as youth, men, and women against violent extremism. Activities include conducting evidence-based research and consultations, strengthening the education system, and improving employment prospects.