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Completing the full vaccination series helps families secure a better future
Completing the full vaccination series helps families secure a better future

For 36 years USAID has been helping the Malagasy people accomplish their development goals in the face of ongoing challenges. In coordination with the Government of Madagascar, the United States delivers assistance in the areas of health, food security, disaster relief, and the environment through non-governmental organizations, community associations, and other private groups. The United States is one of the largest bilateral donors to Madagascar. Critical public health and food security assistance transforms the lives of millions of Malagasy people throughout the country.  

Our Work


We improve lives by increasing health care access and quality and by furthering the Government of Madagascar's goal of universal health care. Our activities reduce Madagascar's maternal and child mortality, provide access to potable water and sanitation, protect communities from malaria, improve access to family planning, and reinforce the national community health policy. Our projects strengthen Madagascar’s health systems at all levels and ensure availability of life-saving medications and quality health services to underserved populations.


We help farmers increase productivity with environmentally friendly techniques and innovative agribusiness activities. We also work with communities to rehabilitate drinking water points, farm-to-market roads, and irrigation canals, improving economic opportunities and access to health and other services.


Our newly launched environment project promotes community-based management of biodiversity and natural resources. Furthering conservation of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity, this program creates jobs and opportunities for local communities, provides alternatives to unsustainable environmental practices, and increases local management and ownership of natural resources.


As the leading donor of emergency relief to families affected by severe drought in southern Madagascar, the U.S. Government has provided over $40.3 million in food and supplies since 2014. Through extensive collaboration with the Malagasy Government, our partners, and the international donor community, USAID ensures relief efforts are coordinated and efficiently target those most in need.


Working with the private sector, we support opportunities for economic growth across Madagascar. For example, we use a Development Credit Authority (DCA) model to share risk with banks, encouraging small and medium local businesses to invest in the health, water, and sanitation and hygiene sectors. This approach increases access to health care in underserved markets. 


USAID provided $1.2 million to support the independent national elections commission for the last elections. USAID focuses on good governance in all of our programs, by empowering local communities and strengthening transparency and accountability.