Revenue Generation for Governance and Growth Activity

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The Revenue Generation for Governance and Growth (RG3) Activity is designed to build the capacity of targeted Government of  Liberia (GOL) institutions, particularly the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), to improve domestic revenue mobilization in Liberia. RG3 supports the MFDP to develop the capacity to formulate sound, predictable, and fair revenue policies. It also supports the LRA to enhance its ability to effectively, efficiently, and transparently implement those policies and carry out its revenue collection mandate

Current Activities 

  • Testing and improving e-filing and mobile payment solutions
  • Implementing change management to improve sustainability of:
    • Mobile Payments;
    • Data Processing Center; and
    • E-filing
  • Supporting the reform of the excise tax law in Liberia
  • Initiating Property Tax Pilot in Monrovia.
  • Improving capacity for audit process and risk based audit selection for LRA.
  • Improving automated tax compliance monitoring and reporting;
  • Supporting taxpayer services to develop FAQs, etc.
  • Support for SMS-based outreach activities by LRA
  • Support for regulations governing LRA e-services.