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Economic Growth and Trade

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USAID agriculture programs help farmers in Liberia access technologies that improve their yields and incomes
USAID agriculture programs help farmers in Liberia access technologies that improve their yields and incomes

USAID works to spur community and market revitalization in post-war Liberia through cross-cutting initiatives in infrastructure, energy, workforce development, agriculture, food security, and forestry.  Additionally, infrastructure and energy projects contribute to other USAID-supported education, health, and governance projects.

Agriculture Sector and Food Security

Our agricultural programs, through Feed the Future, increase agricultural production and rural incomes; stimulate private enterprise growth and investments, prevent malnutrition through early identification and treatment; and developing community capacity to increase access to education for jobs.


Farm to market road rehabilitation is a prominent feature of our infrastructure support activities.  We work to improve up to 500 km of rural feeder roads and build the capacity of Liberians and their road construction contractors to rehabilitate and maintain roads.


We strengthen and improve operations at the Liberia Electricity Corporation, which has led to increased new connections in greater Monrovia. The country is part of the “Power Africa Initiative,” which leverages private sector investment to provide energy throughout the continent.  We also supported four separate clean and renewable energy pilot programs, bringing electricity to more than 30,000 residents of four towns in rural Liberia.   

Forest Resources Management

Our current work to promote sustainable management of forest resources builds on our prior successes in developing the capacity of forest communities as well as the Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority and other government agencies to improve forest management, biodiversity, and sustainable livelihoods.

Ebola Response

To ensure that small firms and businesses have access to the operating and investment capital they need to sustain and expand productive economic activity and employment in post-Ebola Liberia, USAID continues to work with banks to maintain and where possible increase private lending.  This effort is supported by guarantees through USAID’s Development Credit Authority.