Ganta - Gbarnga Grid Extension Activity

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The Ganta - Gbarnga Grid Extension Activity is a 33kV medium voltage distribution line extension from the West Africa Power Pool grid in Ganta, Nimba County to Gbarnga and eh Suakoko area of  Bong County. The activity will construct 77.82 km of 33 kV and 25.5 km 19 kV medium voltage distribution lines from Ganta to Gbarnga and 10 km of low voltage distribution lines within Gbarnga City. The goal is to provide electricity to 2,700 households and key institutions, such as the Central Agricultural Institute, Phebe Hospital and Cuttington University that have anchored the economies of this area for decades.

Current Activities

  • Verifying pole locations and planting of poles
  • Design of low voltage and medium voltage lines

Accomplishments to Date

  • Approved the designs of poles;
  • Completed clearing of right of way along the 33KV Line;
  • Completed the verification of 622 poles location out of 943;
  • Completed excavation of holes for 33 KV lines. A total of 400 of 943 (43%) holes excavated; and
  • Erected 384 of 943 (41%) poles along the 33KV lines.

Planned Outcomes

  • Electricity supplied to up to 10,000 households and business in the Gbarnga and Suakoko areas.