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The Community Health Workers for Advancing Liberian Livelihoods (CHW FOR ALL) activity is designed to strengthen  the capacity of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other community stakeholders to oversee the scale-up of a high quality national Community Health Assistant (CHA) program that is informed by and held accountable to the remote communities it has been designed to serve.  The specific objectives of the activity are to:

  • Establish environmental and operational readiness at the central and county levels for the introduction of the national CHA program;
  • Support the MOH to integrate and institutionalize the national CHA program;
  • Ensure continuous learning and quality improvement for national CHA program implementation and accountability;
  • Effectively orient critical stakeholders to the recently revised national Community Health Services Policy and Strategic Plan as part of the national CHA program;
  • Begin to establish mechanisms for the MOH to remunerate CHAs and plan for long term financial needs; and
  • Chart the path towards enhanced country ownership through the Community Health Services Division (CHSD), County Health Teams and other stakeholders to establish the CHA program as an integrated component of the health system.

Current Activities

  • Support the MOH CHSD to develop a national curriculum for  CHAs and Community Health Services Supervisors
  • Support the MOH’s CHSD to coordinate implementing partners and other stakeholders; and
  • Serve as one of the  technical partners to the MOH CHSD

Plan Outcomes 

  • An enabling environment created for the successful introduction of the CHA program among national, county and community based stakeholders;
  • Enhanced country ownership through the CHSD and other community health stakeholders; and
  • Increased access to high quality primary health care services and reduced disease burden anchored in a continous learning and quality improvement approach.