Accelerated Quality Education for Liberian Children Activity

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The USAID Accelerated Quality Education for Liberian Children (AQE) activity seeks to increase access to quality education services for out-of-school children and adolescents. The activity also helps communities to improve education for out-of-school learners by offering accelerated learning programs that condense six years of the primary education cycle into three years. To institutionalize nationwide Accelerated Learning Programs, AQE will leverage partnerships and align its activities with those of other donors with the goal of supporting overarching Ministry of Education (MoE) goals.

Current Activities

  • Provide relevant, flexible and quality education for out-of-school children, giving them the opportunity to pursue further education, training or employment
  • Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education to institutionalize a credible, nationwide Accelerated Learning Program
  • Strengthen the policies, systems, and resources available to the MoE, particularly in the area of accelerated education
  • Foster positive gender norms, including a heightened attention to girls, who are least likely to have access to education in Liberia, and female teachers, whose greater numbers could promote girls’ education

Key Accomplishments

  • Established the Alternative Education Technical Working Group
  • Launched the Alternative Education harmonized policy

Planned Outcomes

  • National accelerated learning program policy framework put in place
  • Increase number of learners eligible to transition to formal education