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Civil Society and Media

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A USAID partner initiated an anti-violence campaign, in which youth activists and children painted old tires and found practical uses for them in contrast with the common practice of burning tires to block roads in protest.

USAID builds Lebanese civil society’s capacity to act as a catalyst for change through advocacy and engagement that contribute to a cohesive national identity. We help develop policy ideas that respond to citizen concerns; support media marketing, reporting and analysis of policy; and provide grants to civil society organizations in Lebanon to increase civic advocacy, activism and participation in activities that address citizens’ concerns.

USAID empowers youth to be active and independent citizens by enhancing civil society organizations’ abilities to advocate for local and national issues. Through small, in-kind grants and technical assistance, we support members of civil society in marginalized communities of Lebanon to promote civic activism; strengthen civil society organizations to provide a more powerful voice for positive reform; and provide youth with opportunities, knowledge and tools needed to shape their communities.  

Our impacts in this sector include:

  • Local partners have implemented 723 community projects, including repairing schools, cleaning up beaches and public parks, establishing public libraries, rehabilitating damaged properties to make them inhabitable by displaced Syrians, and installing trash bins in public places.
  • Three hundred ten youth graduates of vocational training courses found jobs in sectors including IT and media.