Quicker Access to the Status of Case Proceedings

Speeches Shim

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Image of the Kosovo Judicial Council website
DPI Millenium for USAID Kosovo

On October 27, the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), with the support of the USAID Justice System Strengthening Program, launched the case status lookup tool, a new feature on the KJC website that allows citizens to learn about their case status with a quick click.  This milestone is another success enabling all parties in court proceedings to easily and quickly access information including both the current status and previous actions on their case.   

This revolutionizes judicial transparency and accessibility in Kosovo, making Kosovo’s judiciary comparable to the well-developed court systems of advanced democracies.  By providing a quick, technological solution, it remedies the several court trips previously needed to access case information.  This new website feature also allows users to access court hearing schedules through the same platform.  Data provided through this portal are drawn from the Case Management Information System, where courts enter relevant information directly into a database.  Most importantly, innovations like these provide solutions to long-term challenges and bring courts closer to the people addressing their justice needs. 

The integration of these systems and the case status lookup tool's launch is part of a series of KJC website features developed with USAID’s support.  USAID’s Justice System Strengthening Program is a five-year rule of law activity that focuses on promoting a judicial system adhering to high standards of independence, impartiality, integrity, accountability, and transparency.