Private Sector Innovation Mainstreamed into Education System

Speeches Shim

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Image of screenshot of Busulla platform

The private sector in Kosovo is taking the lead in exploring innovative and market-based solutions, while providing professional opportunities for students.  Busulla, an online career guidance platform, is one of the first private sector innovations mainstreamed into Kosovo’s education system.  Under the leadership of Sovran Berisha, a U.S. graduate through a USAID-funded scholarship, Busulla has partnered with several schools and career clubs to help students upgrade their skills.  The platform currently counts 274,000 registered users, consisting mainly of students, schools, and universities. 

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has accepted Busulla as its official platform for providing guidance and orientation to Kosovo students looking for information on schools and professions.  The online platform provides a thorough overview of different professions, responsibilities, and skills required for each of the professions, and uses career tests to match young students to potential fields of study and schools based on their knowledge, skills, and interests.  It also offers skills assessments, such as in the English language and mathematics, for comparison with skills needed on the global labor market.   

USAID’s After School Support for Teens activity has promoted the Busulla platform through its career clubs, while also partnering with Sovran’s company to offer internships to students looking to enhance their skills.  Through these innovations, the private sector is playing a crucial role in creating opportunities to improve the lives of the people and communities in Kosovo.