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Friday, October 23, 2020
establishing a Commercial Court helps resolve business related cases
Checci Consulting for USAID

USAID’s Commercial Justice Activity is fostering private sector engagement by working with the Government of Kosovo (GOK) to draft legislation that establishes a standalone commercial court in Kosovo through a highly consultative process.  Currently, businesses need to file their cases in several court departments, delaying the resolution of cases.  However, the establishment of the commercial court will now provide businesses with a one stop shop for resolving commercial and administrative disputes. 

Since Kosovo’s judicial system stretches into many departments, judges and court staff are not specialized in commercial issues.  An integrated management structure of the commercial court will greatly improve quality and responsiveness of the court’s work, reducing the time needed to resolve business-related cases and ultimately saving costs.

The Ministry of Justice-led working group drafting the law to establish the court is inclusive, with representation from the business community.  In addition, the working group is consulting widely with businesses, international organizations, and the NGO community to ensure that the establishment of the court is as responsive to the needs of users as possible.  The Secretary General of the Kosovo Ministry of Justice recently remarked that the commercial court reform is the most consultative initiative of the Government that he has observed in his 11 years of public service.  The engagement of Kosovo’s private sector in the establishment of the commercial court not only ensures a better business environment in Kosovo, but also sets an example of how Kosovo’s legislative system can respond to the needs of businesses and citizens.