Information on Free Legal Aid Reaches 150,000 Citizens

Speeches Shim

Friday, October 23, 2020
Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani joins the outreach campaign

The Free Legal Aid Agency (FLAA), Kosovo civil society organizations, the Kosovo Bar Association, and young people came together to mark “Free Legal Aid Week.”  USAID’s Justice Matters Activity supported the free legal aid week campaign, which ran from September 7 to11, and promoted information and engagement on legal aid services.  The campaign’s objective was to inform and empower Kosovo’s citizens, especially vulnerable groups, to seek protection of their rights.

To start the campaign, Ms. Vjosa Osmani, President of the Kosovo Assembly, and Ms. Anita Kalanderi, Interim Executive Director of the FLAA, delivered opening remarks at Skenderbeu Square in Pristina.  During her address, Ms. Osmani highlighted the importance of legal aid services for vulnerable communities and the obligation of Kosovo institutions to protect these services.  "It is essential for citizens to know their rights [are] guaranteed by our Constitution,” Ms. Osmani stated.  “When [citizens] want to protect [their rights] through legal mechanisms, they need to be able to count on the support of the Free Legal Aid Agency.”  After her remarks, she joined law students in the main streets of Pristina to hand out brochures and support the distribution of legal aid information.

Due to COVID-19, the campaign was conducted virtually and in-person, where possible.  USAID’s activity used online and televised media, animated video tutorials, interviews with legal aid officers, video messages, and a podcast to expand access to legal aid information and highlight the voices of beneficiaries.  Free Legal Aid Week reached around 150,000 citizens, providing information on the legal aid services available to them.