Partnering for Impact in Information and Communication Technology

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Partnering for impact in ICT
USAIDs support to Information and Communication Technology
Ardian Kurtolli, USAID

Partnering for Impact in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a new, three-year program to create employment and self-employment opportunities in Kosovo’s ICT sector.   


The project’s objectives are two-fold.  First, the project will work to increase employment and self-employment opportunities among youth in Kosovo by increasing the level of skill and expertise that are applicable across all active sectors of the economy.  Second, the project will provide new, high-demand skills and competencies – not readily available in the current labor market – matching competencies with market demand.  This will lead to increased employment and employability of out-of-work and underemployed youth through trainings, internships, job placements, and entrepreneurship and self-employment activities.

Training Education and Certification

Partnering for Impact in ICT will enroll 40 students in a two-year professional training program in ICT, and will train an additional 260 youth in various fields of ICT, including entrepreneurship and soft skills.

Youth will receive two-year training programs in high-demand skill sets such as software development, system engineering, network systems, and project management.  This will facilitate an easier transition for these youth into the workplace. Moreover, short, vendor-specific training programs will also be conducted for highly-focused and in-demand specialized certifications (most notably of young women), leading to industry-recognized certifications in systems engineering, web, and mobile development, among others.  In addition to serving the domestic market, these certifications will increase the capacity of young people to provide outsourcing services.  Training sessions will also be provided on entrepreneurship and business development.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support

The activity will foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and self-employment.  Through a partnership with the Innovation Center Kosovo, the project will provide incubation support for teams of entrepreneurs who are establishing new start-up ventures. Excubation will be provided to prospective young employees by supporting ideas through R&D development, spin-offs of marketable ideas through direct investments, and mentoring. This will enable corporate entrepreneurship and ventures to flourish without being hindered by existing corporate processes and conventions – encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation.

Job Placement and internships

Implementing Partner Cacttus Education will use its network of participating entities and other potential employers to provide internships, job placements and direct employment.  It has already identified potential employers supportive of efforts to create a more qualified workforce in Kosovo that matches their labor needs.  


  •          Enrolled 20 students in a two-year professional school program and recruiting additional 20
  •          Completed training for 58 candidates in a two-month professional training in ICT
  •          Completed training for 47 candidates in a two-month entrepreneurship/soft-skills training
  •          Job or internship placement of 30 candidates


Project Duration:            September 2017 - September 2021

Partner:                                Cacttus Education 

Contact:                               Peter Novak