Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS)

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Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS)
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Ministry of Economic Development

The Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS) activity provides technical assistance across the Kosovo energy sector for the design and implementation of energy security projects in the country.

The activity will strengthen the Government of Kosovo’s (GOK) continuing efforts to modernize the country’s existing electricity sector, while building the capacity of the GOK to develop and promote new energy projects and negotiate an implement future energy-sector transactions, in order to provide for a more reliable, cleaner, and affordable electric energy supply. 

Advisory Services

The Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS) provides technical assistance through advisory services and a full range of long-term and quick-response professional services such as transaction document review, advising on international best practices, and analysis of project integration with existing and projected Kosovo energy sector infrastructure.


  • Review of documents related to energy infrastructure transactions and the provision of advice to GOK and other energy sector participants on implementation of steps for commercial and/or financial closure of future energy generation and associated projects; 

  • Studies as requested by GOK and other energy sector stakeholders in expected areas of study, including but not limited to cost-benefit analyses of incentives to encourage investment in power generation with a focus on clean energy sources; assessments of potential market structures and strategies for joining regional power exchanges; development of fuel supply options; and financial analysis for optimizing Kosovo's energy generation mix;

  • Improved capacity in GOK for evaluating the environmental and social impacts of energy sector projects;

  • Input to the revision of Kosovo's ten-year energy strategy to reflect the needs of Kosovo's economy;

  • Public relations support to address concerns about the environmental and economic impacts of new power project development; and

  • Increased women's participation in energy-sector policy development.

Project Duration:   August, 2017 – August, 2022

Partner:                      DT Global 

Contact:                      Edmond Shyti